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Introducing: Agent Information Server™

Agent Information Server™ is an integrated knowledge management tool. This technology represents a significant step forward in the use of "Intelligent Agents" in integrating both existing and new distributed applications with "Adaptive Intelligence". Click here for additional technical information on Agent Information Server™.


Introducing: AIS Lisp;

Agent Information Server™ employs an exciting new dialetic of Lisp for creating Internet aware Agents. Known as AIS™ Lisp, this new Lisp technology allows rapid Agent prototyping as well as microchip register level execution speeds. Click here for additional technical information on AIS™ Lisp.

What Is Adaptive Intelligence?

Adaptive Intelligence allows applications to identify previous patterns and relationships in a user's interaction history and then use this new information to alter the application's responses for a more effective, personal user experience. It's the key to retaining customers and ensuring a greater share of their business over time by developing personalized relationships. Increased knowledge about users quickly translates to better customer service, more opportunities to cross sell services and products, and ultimately improved results.

Why Do You Need It?

An application with a personalized, responsive interface is compelling. People will return to a Web site which is different with each visit. Static web pages bore people. Students proceed at a faster rate when the application reconfigures as the person learns. Data mining is more accurate when the mining application adapts to feedback results. Kids retain interest in games which constantly reconfigure to match the player's skill level and past game experiences.

How does Agent Information Server™ work?

Agent Information Server™ is the industry's first mobile, distributed, agent oriented repository. It provides a mobile runtime environment and a mobile persistent database. "Intelligent Agents" infiltrate each location of a distributed application, personalizing and adapting the application to each user's needs. It is no longer necessary to send user data from the client interface back to the server for lengthy processing. Users interact with distributed "info-nimble" application interfaces which perform in-depth analysis of the user's needs on-site, at the client. With its open and modular architecture, Agent Information Server™ allows intelligent agents to be easily integrated with Excel, Oracle, Java, as well as with existing in-house applications such as customer service, data warehousing, decision support, sales automation, and help desk.

Agent Information Server™ supports a library of "intelligent agents" which grow opinions and predict user needs by asking questions about the user's objectives that would never be thought of at the time the application was written. Each intelligent agent is a mobile software program that automatically performs a specific task, responds in a timely fashion to user feedback, and has the ability to learn. The ability of these agents to modify themselves as they learn delivers unprecedented results to users in personalizing their application experience.

Agent Information Server™ already boasts a number of powerful agent tools and more are being added every quarter. Mobile agents can be written using the built-in Lisp and/or JavaScript compilers. Currently agents exist which support: rule based semantic analysis, natural language parsing and analysis, datamining, relational datawarehousing for up to 500 gigabytes, rule based compiler construction, rule based decision support, multivariate regression, neural networks, case based reasoning, fuzzy logic, and genetic programming.

Agent Information Server™ Uses Blended Algorithms.

Inspired by the book, "Society Of Mind", Agent Information Server™ supports a variety of statistical and machine learning algorithms, not just a single approach. The power behind Agent Information Server™ is its unique capability to combine or blend opinions from all of the agents and distributed copies of the repository into a single enhanced application experience. Agents actually compete with each other as they try to satisfy user requests. The agents, with the best user feedback, play an ever increasing role in the user's experience. Supported algorithms include:

Agent Information Server™ Engine Architecture

Agent Information Server™ supports multiple concurrent users, transaction rollback with no arbitrary limitation on the size of a transaction, password protected data security with automatic record compression and encryption, data recovery, and a runtime dynamic database schema at each location.



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