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These examples show how to construct a CpxVector. A Vector with #void values is also constructed using the new function.



Creates a new Cpx Vector containing 2 Character values.

(setq X (new Vector: complex: 2 1.0)) Returns: #<CpxVector 123456>

Displays the contents of the Complex Vector.

(display X) Returns: #(cpx| #c1.0+0.0i #c1.0+0.0i )

Creates a new Cpx Vector with no values.

(setq X (new Vector: complex: 0 1.0 2.0)) Returns: #<CpxVector 234567>

Displays the contents of the Cpx Vector.

(display X) Returns: #(cpx| )

Create a new Cpx Vector, with no value but with a set cdr value.

(setq X (new Vector: complex: q . #c5.0+6.0i )) Returns: #<CpxVector 345678>

Displays the contents of the CpxVector.

(display X) Returns: #(cpx| . #c5.0+6.0i)

Notes and Hints

If a reference to an existing object is modified to point to a new object (as shown in the above examples), the reference count on the previous object on the heap will be decremented. If the count goes to zero, the object's allocated memory area will automatically be reclaimed by the garbage collector.

If the returned value from new or make new is not captured, (e.g. using setq), then the newly created heap object will not have any reference to it and, thus, will soon be swept away by the garbage collector.

The space required to hold the complex number data (not including headers, etc.) is twice the size of a double. Internally, the real part of each complex number is stored as the first double and the imaginary part is stored as the second double.


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