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The following example will define a user function, total, that will take an argument (which is a Directory field) and add the argument to a pvar container (persistent variable container). The input to the total function is a Directory containing monthly sales figures. The mapc function then applies each Directory element as argument to the function total.



Defines the Monthly Sales.

(define MonthlySales #{dir|Jan: 1000 Feb: 2300 Mar: 3200 Apr: 4500}) Returns: #<Directory 123456>

Defines the function total.

(defun total(x) pvars: (n) (setq n (+ n x))) Returns: #<Lambda 123456>

The result is saved in the persistent variable, n.

(display total.n) Returns: 11000

The following code sample using a loop, produces the same result as mapc:

(define MonthlySales #{dir| Jan: 1000 Feb: 2300 Mar: 3200 Apr: 4500}) Returns: #<Directory 34567>
(defun total(x) pvars: (n) (setq n (+ n x))) Returns: #<Directory 45678>
(loop for n from 0 until (length MonthlySales) do
(total MonthlySales[i]) )
Returns: 4

The result is saved in the the persistent variable, n

(display total.n) Returns: 11000

Notes and Hints

Note, the return value from the loop is the number of iterations performed. In this case, it is the number 4, whereas the return value from the mapc function is the value of the function as it is applied to the last member of the Directory, 11000.

The mapc function does not produce a duplicate Directory as in the map function.


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