Example Lambda makeLambda 001




This example shows the Av, Pv and Sc part of the created Lambda.



An Lambda to execute the following Lisp script.

(defun foo1 (n) #void) Returns: #<Lambda 123456 >

As mentioned in the overview above, the Lambda Object is a First Class Object. Therefore, it is possible to view any part of the Lambda object. To view the Argument Structure:

foo1.Av Returns: #<Structure 123456>

The above Structure contains:

(display #<Structure 123456> ) Returns: #{n: #void}
foo1.Pv Returns: #void
foo1.Sc Returns: #void

Notes and Hints

The Source Code Vector is typically blank, however it is usually necessary for online debugging (see debug or disassemble). The lisp function will construct the source line tokens and place them in the Source Code Vector:


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