The defstruct macro creates and initializes a new object type {newType} with the specified field names {fieldnames}. There may be one or more field names. The new type created by defstruct can inherit from another object by specifying the include: keyword and the name of the parent object {parentName}.

The defstruct macro results in the following substitution:

(defineStructure newType: include: parentName fieldnames....)


The defstruct macro and the defineStructure function do exactly the same thing. The defstruct macro is a mechanism for adding user-defined types to the Analytic Information Server workbench. The defstruct function brings the conventional object-oriented paradigm to the Analytic Information Server workbench. The defstruct describes a template for the new type object. The object is not instantiated until the constructor function is invoked. The new type can inherit field names (analogous to OOP properties or members) and methods by using the include: syntax.





Here are a number of links to Lambda coding examples which contain this instruction in various use cases.


Argument Types

Here are the links to the data types of the function arguments.


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