The compile compiles the Analytic Information Server generic parse tree {parseTree} argument (normally output from morph) and returns an Lambda object. If the optional {anLambda} argument is passed, it becomes the target of the compilation and is returned; otherwise, a new Lambda object is returned. If the optional true argument is passed, the compilation always inherits the persistent variables of the {anLambda} argument.


Use the compile when producing an Lambda from a parse tree is required. Normally, a three step process will compile Lisp source: lisp, followed by morph, followed by compile.




(compile parseTree)

(compile parseTree anLambda)

(compile parseTree anLambda true)

Arguments Name Type Description
Argument:parseTree--- An Analytic Information Server generic parse tree (normally output from morph)
Argument:anLambdaLambda Optional Argument. If present, it specifies the target (Lambda) of the compilation. not present, a new Lambda object is returned.
Argument:trueBoolean Optional Argument. If present, the compilation will inherit the persistent variable of the {anLambda} argument.


An Analytic Information Server Lambda object



Here are a number of links to Lambda coding examples which contain this instruction in various use cases.


Argument Types

Here are the links to the data types of the function arguments.

Lambda List Boolean

Here are also a number of links to functions having arguments with any of these data types.

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