Use the loadObject function to load data from an Object Closure Record. See the saveObject function for details on how to generate object closure records. The loadObject function has the following forms:

(loadObject fileID) -- Use this form to load an object closure record from an open binary file at the current file position.

(loadObject bytevector) -- Use this form to load an object closure record from a bytevector containing an object closure record.

(loadObject bufferPtr) -- Use this form to load an object closure record from a buffer. This form is most often used to load object closure records managed in C/C++ code.

An Object Closure Record is the basic unit of storage in the Analytic Information Server file system and it is a serialized representation of Analytic Information Server Object. A detailed description of the Object Closure Record is described in Object Closure Section of this chapter.


Use the loadObject function to load data of Object or Immediate type from an Object Closure Record previously created by the saveObject function.




(loadObject fileID)

(loadObject bytevector)

(loadObject bufferPtr)

Arguments Name Type Description
Argument:fileIDInteger Integer representing the fileID of the binary file previously opened by fileOpen.
Argument:bytevectorByteVector A bytevector argument containing an object closure record.
Argument:bufferPtrByteVector A pointer to a memory buffer containing an object closure record.


The loadObject function returns either the Object or Immediate data contained in the object closure record.



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Argument Types

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