The uncompress function uses the extremely fast LZRW1 decompression algorithm, by Ross Williams, to convert previously compressed ByteVector into the original much larger ByteVector.


Use the uncompress function to revert to the size of the original input Byte Vector, String or Symbol argument before the its compression.




(decompress input)

Arguments Name Type Description
Argument:inputByteVector The much smaller Byte Vector after compression.


A ByteVector with the original contents before compression.



Here are a number of links to Lambda coding examples which contain this instruction in various use cases.


Argument Types

Here are the links to the data types of the function arguments.


Here are also a number of links to functions having arguments with any of these data types.

addMethod appendWriteln binaryInsert bitwiseNot
boolean compress cons decode
dimension display encode fdisplay
fileClose fileCopy fileDisplay fileErase
fileOpen fileRead fileWriteAll fileWrite
filewriteln inside integer isAtom
isBitVector isBoolean isByteVector isCharAlphabetic
isCharAlphanumeric isCharLowercase isCharName isCharNumeric
isCharUppercase isCharWhitespace isChar isCharacter
isComplex isDate isDictionary isDirectory
isEqual isError isFloatVector isIdentical
isInside isIntegerVector isInteger isLambda
isMatrix isMember isMoney isNumberMatrix
isNumberVector isNumber isObjectVector isObject
isPair isPcodeVector isString isStructure
isSymbol isText isType isVector
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makeQuotedList member money new
number offset pair parent
parse pointer qt remove
run saveObject setCar setCdr
setLastCdr setq sizeof string
system type uncompress uniqueInsert
vectorFill writelg writeln

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